Our artist Pats, born in your local Walmart’s craft section, has been deeply intrigued by art her entire life. From the chalk drawings of childhood to the expanse of art courses BCC offered, she picked up various techniques in both 2D and 3D mediums. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to, above all, tattoo. She fell in love with the art as she had watched her mother get tattoos and thought the smoke filled neon lit parlor looked pretty cool. In adulthood, armed with a solid foundation of art’s fundamentals, she pursued this dream with vigor! She busted onto the tattoo scene with a trad-like style boasting loud and vibrant color. Although she still loves this style today, due to her years of obsessive art education, she cannot seem to stop experimenting with other styles. Recently she has begun branching into pointillism. We don’t see this desire to evolve ending any time soon so we reckon you have to tune in to figure out where she’s going next! {Hint: Keep an eye on her instagram @zappinoats}